Tuesday, April 21, 2015

While we were in the States...

Some have asked what we did during our time back in the states. Here are the big things in our life while we were there...

  • We celebrated a great Thanksgiving with our kids in Southern California. 
  • LEGOLAND, Sea World, and the beach were highlights. 
  • It was also good to reconnect with a number of friends in supporting churches we visited in the area. 
  • Christmas season was in Denver. Jeff's parents, Amber and her fiancĂ©, Travis, were there. 
  • David can see clearly now after cataract surgery at the end of January and beginning of February. 
  • David attended meetings in Stillwater, OK on partnering between Oklahoma State University and the College of Agriculture at the University in Mulungwishi. 
  • We went to Lubbock, TX for a planning meeting for the work teams coming out to Mulungwishi this summer. 
  • By far the biggest blessing was family time. In Seattle, we enjoyed being with Andrew and Judy in their new house. The highlight was Amber and Travis' civil wedding. The religious wedding will take place in September when we get back to the States. We are looking forward to developing a relationship with new family. 
  • Living within a mile and a half of our grandchildren was such a blessing. Hours of grandparent time were precious. Definitely they are missed.

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