Friday, October 31, 2014

Mulungwishi mission news

August and into September found us being very involved with the Kafakumba Pators’ School (Congo version). As you remember, in May, we taught the Kafakumba session in Zambia. The Congo session is done at Mulungwishi during the vacation time so the pastors can occupy the dorms. There were 107 pastors, 20 wives and over 40 kids.

Including the staff, Lori was organizing food for 200 three times a day. Every evening, women were baking 400 roles for the next breakfast. We were humbled to be able to teach them what the Lord had given us. Some of them had travelled for over two weeks to get to us in very difficult conditions.

Determined pastors

One pastor walked over 150 miles to get to a place where he could climb on top of a truck to come the last 250 miles. Can you imagine having to make the trip back once more?  They do this for eight years so they can be ordained. In the mean time, they are serving churches as local pastors in very rural situations binging the light of Jesus Christ. Their level of dedication really touched us. Our graduates have received their appointments and are leaving for their churches.

In one way, we are sad to separate from the friends they have become during the time we were together. On the other hand, they are going out to do what the Lord has called them to do. Be in prayer for them as they start their new ministries, the change of communities and for their children who will be finding new friends and schools.

New students

Our new students are beginning to arrive. The academic year actually begins in mid-October. However, we will be starting to teach them towards the end of September in order to cover courses they should have when we leave in at the end of October. Continuation of our courses will be when we return next May.

D.R. Congo internet problems

By the way ... Sorry for the delay in our blog posts. We have been without internet the whole time we were in Congo; here and there were able to use the phone line for access.

We are sad to report that one of the Kafakumba pastors died on his way home. He was 65 years old. We were touched by his desire to be a pastor at that age.

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