Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back to Africa!

We had a good trip back to Africa, going a new way thru Joburg and up to Ndola, Zambia. Our friend, Nkonde met us with our trusty "ole" double cab Toyota and happily all the baggage came too!

Thanks for all your prayers. As we have shared in letters, we are in Zambia for several weeks teaching at the Kafakumba Pastors' School. This is a program like the Conference course of study for lay Pastors doing the work, mainly in rural areas, who have not had the chance for formal Seminary training.

Kafakumba is built as a conference center and can take as many as 300plus and we are staying in one of the guest houses. David is teaching the pastor students and Lori with the wives. These students come every year for eight years to go through this program. There are 70 students and are mainly from Tanzania and Zambia.

In August, the Congo students will hopefully be able to meet in Mulungwishi, like last year.

We plan to head for Congo at the end of the month. Please, keep us in your prayers and the students as they work on their courses, that the Lord will be very present for them.