Thursday, March 27, 2008

Latest news ...

Back in Lakewood

A quick note to let you know what is happening in our lives and a call to prayer. After some 20,000 miles on the road we are back in Lakewood!! It was good to see and fellowship with many of you along the way and we are thankful for your warm hospitality.

Lori's eye shadow

During our last week of itineration in Arizona, Lori developed a shadow in her left eye. We went immediately to an optometrist to check it out. The shadow is gone but the spot on the retina is still there. She said we should have it checked out by an ophthalmologist as soon as we got back to Denver. Long story short, she is busy seeing a number of doctors and getting tests. At this point, we do not have results or what the treatment will be. We covet your prayers for us, for her healing and the doctors who are ministering to her.

Return to Congo delayed

We were due to return to Congo on April first. In fact the tickets were in hand. The General Board of Global Ministries and their Wellness Program have been very understanding and have put our return on hold until the picture is clearer and we know what we are dealing with.

David to be French translator

Since we were to be here through April, the GBGM contacted David to help with the French translation at General Conference in Fort Worth at the end of April. He is looking forward to being with so many African delegates and helping them with the language in order that they may fully participate in our Methodist procedures. He is especially excited that six of the delegates are professors of the Seminary at Mulungwishi. This speaks very highly of our institution and the respect that our faculty enjoys within the Church in Congo.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March prayer focus - High School

Institute Kitabataba studentsThe Mulungwishi Ministry 2008 calendar asks us to pray for the High School -- for Principal Mayonde, the faculty, and all the students. The High School educates 600 students from around the region. Program specialties are Math, Physics, and Agriculture.