Saturday, February 25, 2006

Heading back to DR Congo

We have received medical clearance for us to return to Congo. We will be flying from Denver to London on Sunday the 26th and arriving in Lusaka, Zambia on the 28th. We will be met by friends who will drive us up to Ndola (near the Congo border) about a 6 hour trip. We will spend a couple of days in Ndola and then drive our car across the border to Lubumbashi and a few days later on to Mulungwishi. We covet your prayers during this next week as we travel. Be in prayer for the long journey, Lori's health as we travel, customs and immigration and settling back into our responsibilities after being away so long.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feed Reader reviews

You don't really have to come to this web page to read the latest posts. All you have to do is set up to receive the "feed" from this page. OK, OK, so now you're starting to get glassy-eyed and wondering about "feed". Well, a "feed" is the information about a posting here -- the title, date/time, and text of the post. You can access those via a "Feed Reader". Most are free. Once you "subscribe" to a feed, your NewsReader automatically checks for new posts when you open it. Of course, you can still just check back here now and then. cnet has reviews of several feed readers. An executive summary... if you use Internet Explorer, it looks like Pluck is a good one to try. [ Download Pluck ] If you'd like to read blog feeds via a separate web page that collects "feeds" from different blogs for you, try the Google Reader or NewsGator. If you are a FireFox user, you can "drag" a web address for a blog to your bookmark bar and it adds an orange "feed" icon. Clicking on that icon lets you see all current posts for that blog. Internet Explorer 7 is reported to also add this feature.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mulungwishi sunset

David and Lori plan to return to the states in August and "make rounds" to all covenant churches plus others that support them. Meanwhile, if you'd like a "wallpaper" of Mulungwishi station at sunset, click on the photo (which displays the large version), right-click on that large image, and then select "Save as background" (or whatever your browser calls that menu pick).