How to help

Part of the answer for the hope of Africa and her children are people called by God and trained to share and be channels of the Kingdom of God. Be in prayer for them as they face the challenges before them. Many will receive less than $10 per month as salary.

With your help we can...

  • Provide financial support of our students
  • Provide continuing education for national staff - doctorates
  • Increase library holdings
  • Upgrade computer facilities
  • Expand and renovate student housing
  • Endow professorial chairs
  • Build housing for faculty
  • Construct one or more classrooms for the Women's School
  • Construct a faculty office block
Especially important is financial support of our students. $1,500 supports a student and his family for one year. $1,000 supports one single student. You can support Seminary (Faculte Methodiste de Theologie) students at Mulungwishi station by donating to Advance Special #005773A.

You also can be a part of the UMC's missions to the DR Congo (Haute-Katanga Province and Mulungwishi) by:
  • Donating to an Advance special (see the "Support Advance Specials" area on the right side of any page on this site):
    • Mulungwishi Women's School, #08112A
    • Katanga Methodist University Professors' Salaries, #14432A
    • Katanga Methodist University Program, #14433A
  • Sending a donation for the Mulungwishi Ministry calendar.
  • Praying. The Mulungwishi Ministry calendar has a suggested prayer focus each month.
  • Volunteering your time (Volunteers in Mission, church group mission trips to Mulungwishi, help get the word out at your church, etc.)
  • Buying our special notecards of the Mulungwishi UMC stained glass windows.
Please avoid mailing packages directly to the mission station. It's hard for them to reliably receive such packages across country borders. Instead, support them with funds, especially to help seminary students.

U.S. mailing address
While the Persons family is in the United States, you can send packages to their U.S. address:

David and Lori Persons
1707 S. Deframe St.
Lakewood, CO 80228

Materials needed
When the Persons return "home" to DR Congo after visits to the U.S., they often take along donated materials.  You can keep track of their physical location by reading their blog (this site's "Home"). Also check blog postings for any items needed by Mulungwishi. Please avoid sending (to a stateside location) heavy items, as there is a weight limit for air travel return to Mulungwishi. Each box taken as excess baggage costs the Persons about $140 in shipping.

Supporting David & Lori
Now that David and Lori are retired, they are working in the D.R. Congo as members of United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM). As such, they do not get the type funding that they did as GBGM missionaries.

If you would like to support their continuing funding needs for airline travel, visas, and extra medical insurance for UMVIM trips, you can donate online (using an American Express, MasterCard, VISDA, or Discover  credit card) or you can mail a check.

IMPORTANT: If you donate online at the above link, make sure to choose "Persons, David and Lorene" from the drop-down pick list.  That web page also lets you associated a church or conference with your donation.

Make out checks to “Advance GCFA” and include “Advance # 982465 for David & Lori Persons” in the Memo area. Mail checks to:

Advance GCFA,
P. O. Box 9068,
New York,
NY  10087-9068