Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Serious electricity problem at Mulungwishi

We have a serious problem at Mulungwishi, with an urgent need for funds. There was a serious electrical spike along the rail line which provides electricity to the mission station. Several transformers along the line were damaged including that of Mulungwishi. We estimate that it will cost about $10,000 to repair.

The current situation is the following, the burned transformer was a 250KVA unit. The railroad is renting us 65 KVA off of their transformer for $700 a month. We are therefore working with rolling blackouts scheduled in order to continue to function. You can imagine the great inconvenience this posses to everyone and all the projects. There are some 800 people depending on this electricity.

We are particularly concerned for water provision because our pump runs by electricity, the dispensary and the university porgram (particularly the computer school). We are fortunate that this has taken place during this time of year because it is the rainy season and people can catch water off the roof for their needs

Please pray for the this situation and if the Lord moves you to help, gifts can be sent to the GBGM as an Advance Special to Katanga Methodist University #14431A and label it "Transformer".

Please also email us so that we can thank you.

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