Thursday, December 13, 2007

Satellite view of Mulungwishi buildings

Google Maps now has a great new feature -- a "Terrain" map option. Here's the link to a terrain map of the area from Lubumbashi to Mulungwishi (upper left area).

Also, David helped me locate the Mulungwishi campus on Google Maps while he and Lori were in town. So I have created a special Google map showing the various campus buildings that appear in the satellite view.

As Google obtains better resolution maps of the eastern part of the campus, other buildings will show. At least the current maps do show all the main buildings and even two red poinsettia bushes!

  • A satellite view without the building "icons". Here's a missions area idea -- print a nice 8"x10" photo of the campus area using the above map. Make sure it shows the main buildings. Then place it on a poster board and use colored yarn and map pins to link from a building or complex to a description on the poster board around the photo.

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