Monday, November 26, 2007

David, Lori near mall shooting

Lori called at 1:12pm to say that they were OK and now in their mini-van, but that they'd both been near a shooting at a Douglasville, Georgia mall.

David had just passed a man that was shot and Lori was headed in that direction as they went to meet up after some shopping.

Atlanta TV web sites say that a security guard and a suspect have been shot and that this seems to be an attempted robbery of a Brinks security person unloading cash from an ATM machine.

After the shooting, police locked down the mall and people were not even allowed to return to their cars. When Lori called, they were in the mini-van but waiting to get out of the area and back onto Interstate 20.

Lori told another member of our church that when law enforcement people checked their vehicle for a possible second suspect, one remarked, "Well, if he's in there, he's mighty uncomfortable." You should see their mini-van -- it's packed "to the gills" when the travel around the U.S. on speaking tours, with bags and boxes from floor to ceiling in the back and the second row seats piled high too.

What with continuing Congo conflicts, you'd think that David and Lori deserve a break from violence. We praise God that they are both unharmed.

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