Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prayers for Mulungwishi

Mulungwishi still has no electricity

At $8.00 per gallon of gasoline Mulungwishi is only able to run their generator a short time in the morning and evening to keep the refrigerator cool. When it gets dark outside, it's dark everywhere.

Please pray for the transformer to be repaired soon. The people who operate the train are responsible for repairing it and seem to have numerous problems that keep delaying the repairs.

David has Shingles

David's Shingles are very painful. He really needs some rest and down time, but his schedule with Teaching and Annual Conference does not allow time off right now. Unfortunately David and Lori's lives are full of stress right now and stress is the main cause of Shingles. The local Congolese do not realize he is sick because they cannot see a problem. It's exasperating, but David and Lori have not been able to find the word in French that will explain the Shingles to them.

Please put the Persons and Mulungwishi on your prayer list and share these concerns with your church.

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