Monday, June 23, 2008

New Mulungwishi challenges

David and Lori report that God really blessed their flight from Denver and it was great all the way to Africa. The road trip from the airport to Mulungwishi went very well until the last 25 miles and then the road was so destroyed it took two and a half hours to navigate that stretch.

Since then they have had several challenges:

  • Transformer explosion. While they were in the states, the transformer exploded so they have no electricity and because the water pump runs on electricity, they have no water. David was in Lubumbashi trying to buy a generator as we spoke. This has also caused a critical situation with their frozen food.
  • Email down. They have no access to email at Mulungwishi (presumably until the transformer problem is fixed).
  • Cooking challenges. A work team of 19 from Hobbs, NM has just arrived at the station. Lori is trying to cook meals for all of them over an outdoor charcoal fire and for that many people it is a challenge. The team arrived fine, but they did not get their luggage and who knows when it will arrive or even where the luggage is.
  • Graduation. This coming Sunday is a combination graduation including students from the seminary, the University, and the IT Program. There will be at least 150 dignitaries coming in for this ceremony. Again, Lori will be cooking over charcoal (she says please pray hard). This is also the use for most of the frozen food mentioned above, they are praying they can keep it.

There are numerous other challenges in the area but these are the pressing ones right now. They asked us to forward these to you and ask for lots of prayers. We all know God is so much bigger than all of this and He will provide. It’s just a little overwhelming right now.

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  1. Thank you for the specific prayer requests. We are sending out a newsletter to their church here in Hobbs, so there will be LOTS of people praying! Hearing how God brought glory to His name through this will be an awesome testimony for them to share when they get home!!