Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ideas for using our photos

Children are so important!

Our Mulungwishi photo albums continue to grow from the many fine photos taken by visiting volunteers as well as people at Mulungwishi.

Here are some ideas on how to make good use of these in your local mission efforts for Mulungwishi.

Choose. You can choose to download different groups of photos, such as:

  • Single photos -- your favorites
  • The latest photos posted online
  • Photos in an album (set)

Display. No matter what you download, here are a few of many ways you can display them:

  • Print a small collection for a poster board or bulletin board display at your church.
  • Save the images to a memory card (CFC, SD, or whatever), then insert the card into an electronic photo frame and have a rotating slide show of the photos.
  • Save the images to a computer and project a slideshow onto a screen.

Theme. You can display photos for several different purposes, such as:

  • Photos tied to the Prayer Focus of the month (from the current Mulungwishi ministry calendar -- also get from this blog).
  • Photos about a specific area of the Mulungwishi ministry -- the Nutrition Program, for example.
  • Close-up building photos linked by string to its location on a large photo of the Mulungwishi campus.
  • A "Year in Review" type presentation.
  • A special theme at your church, for which the photo just happens to fit.

Do you have other ways to use these photos? Add a comment and let everyone know what has worked for you or your church.

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