Monday, July 21, 2014

Mulungwishi news

Nutrition Program challenges

We always hope when we come back that the number of kids needing help with nutrition will be way down. But every time it seems worse and these past months were no exception! First day, Lori was down for the program, we checked 71 kids! We still have about 20 that are critical and managed to keep some of them in the hospital to feed especially, to help them.

For many families, this is harvest season, and the whole family moves out to the gardens to work. This can be as much as 10 miles from the village where they live! Therefore the kids go too! When they come back for a checkup, we see many slip even further! Pray! It is so hard for the mothers to balance all the needs of the family and the work that needs to be done!

We keep trying to give extra food and needed medical care. Out of the blue, one “little” girl showed up with her grandmother. Two years ago her sister brought her, at 12 months and at 6 pounds! Her mother had died at birth. We got her up to 8 pounds then they disappeared again! This year the grandmother showed up in January for a while, then again now. The girl is almost 3 but weighs only 12 pounds and does not sit, or stand or talk! We keep trying and teaching! Pray!

We are hoping to get some of the special Plumpy’Nut feedings for special cases but the government wheels turn agonizingly slow! Pray!

Lots of Conferences

During the 4 weeks we have been back in Mulungwishi we have been involved in taking care of three lay conferences preparing for Annual Conference. Our Southwest Conference will start the 13th of July. Bishop has already driven 600+ plus miles to do two other conferences! Pray!

One of the lay gatherings was the United Methodist Women. They are very strong group in Congo and a real part of the Church. It was faith building to see their joy and commitment has they discussed their different ministries and programs.

One special blessing is that they have been helping our nutrition program here with funds from time to time! It was neat to see all the “yellow” scarves and to know their commitment to Jesus. Good singing and dancing too! :)

Texans to help with projects

We are looking forward to a team from Texas coming in at the end of the month. They will be involved with construction, medical and our Kindle project to provide resources for the Seminary students. Bishop Earl Bledsoe of the NM and NW Texas Annual Conferences also will be with them. This will be his first Episcopal visit in this part of the Congo. His Annual Conferences are partnered with the South Congo/Zambia Episcopal Area.

Thank you for the continued love and support.

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