Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Passing of a special person

We want to share about a very special person in the life of our family who passed away on Thursday. Baba Ngoy's life was one of service to God by his ministry to missionaries. He worked in the house for a number of them at Mulungwishi. Mom Bartlett taught him to cook and his prowess in the kitchen became renown. Many a work team and visitor will attest to that. Jeff, our son-in-law said that he baked the best apple pie he had ever eaten. He was our cook and our right hand man for over 30 years until a year ago.

We could not have done the work we have been doing at Mulungwishi without him. Managing the house and having meals ready for us allowed us the freedom to do the work we needed to do. There was always that twinkle in his eye when he baked a cake especially for David or hid the cookies from some of the single missionaries so they would not finish them all!

But Baba was more than a cook. He was an integral part of our family. When things were complicated, we would ask his council and help. When one of the children was a toddler, he prayed to Baba Ngoy in our prayer time! He reflected God' s love to them. Our children saw him as a grandfather. How many times when the kids couldn't get things out of us, they would go to Baba Ngoy and he would look over at us, smiling, to see what we wanted him to do! Our cats, parrots and plants all knew his loving touch. Our house is like grand central station at the mission.

So many problems and delicate situations come through the door. We are sure that Baba overheard so many private issues. He kept them to himself. He stood with us through the good times and the very hard times. Whenever we had to leave Mulungwishi, either for furlough or evacuation because of political unrest, Baba Ngoy would move into the house and keep everything going and welcome us back.

His place at our table is now empty, but we can still hear his laugh and his influence in our lives will always be there.

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  1. Our prayers are with you in this time of loss. Baba sounds like a wonderful, gentle spirit who will undoubtedly grace the mansions of heaven with a tasty apple pie.

    With love,
    Brad and your friends at Sudbury UMC