Sunday, July 25, 2010

Graduation at Mulungwishi

a 2007 graduate with white powder

June 26th ... what a momentous occasion ... graduation at the University! We thank the Lord for once again bringing us through the year. Since its establishment in 1951, we have not missed a graduation and it is a tribute to his grace and caring to train His ministers to labor in His fields and now also other young people to take their place in rebuilding the Congo. There were 34 graduates in Information Technology, 14 from Theology, 3 in Psychology and 15 from the Women’s School.

Packed in

The place was packed with so very many parents and friends, who were so proud of their young people. The Provincial Minister of Secondary and Primary Education and also the District Commissioner represented the government. The government is very positive towards the work that is being done here at Mulungwishi.

Spontaneous joy

After each graduate from a certain school received his/her diploma, they gathered at the front of the church and family and friends ran down to congratulate them. Africa’s spontaneous joy was overflowing. Baby powder has taken the place of white lime powder as a symbol of success, peace and joy. Powder was everywhere. We wish you could have seen it.

David gave graduation message

David had the privilege of preaching the graduation message. He shared how God had used individuals throughout history to build His Kingdom. To close, David challenged those students in this centennial year who wanted to give their lives to God to use them in whatever way He wanted to stand. Many graduates and even some in the audience stood. Truly it was a sacred moment. The District Superintendant closed with prayer.

Prayer for the future

Join in that prayer for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in these young people’s lives to be the Lord’s agents in the seeing the Lord’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. Many of you can also thank the Lord for the way He has used your prayers, gifts and love to enable all of this to come about.

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