Sunday, March 07, 2010

Congo: water, mosquitos, and Malaria

Rev. Larry Hollon recently posted a blog article about Community-Based Development in [D.R.] Congo in his Church, Culture, and Media blog.

The post mentions the contaminated water and mosquitos in Lumbumbashi plus the need for bed nets. As we head to World Malaria Day in April, we need to realize that the many insecticide-treated bed nets already distributed don't solve the problem.  Many more are still needed.

The United Methodist Church is a founding partner of Nothing But Nets, an organization dedicated to wiping out Malaria by providing the insecticide-treated bed nets. These nets don't just keep mosquitos away -- they kill the ones that land on them. Many United Methodist Churches have formed Nothing But Nets fund-raising teams. If you church has not formed such a team, the upcoming "Change the World" program April 24th and 25th is a great time to start.

And in case you were not aware of it, David and Lori continue to periodically have Malaria "flare-ups" after infections from prior years. Lori says she has learned the symptoms and heads to the clinic when they appear.

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