Friday, February 12, 2010

Web site and blog merger

Mulungwishi missions logo
People with sharp eyes may already have noticed the overnight change of an added horizontal menu. This "blog" is now a full web site for the D.R. Congo Mission at Mulungwishi.

For several years Avondale Pattillo United Methodist Church in Decatur, Georgia, has been gracious enough to host our "regular" web site pages "underneath" their own. This blog then contained just news about the Mulungwishi ministries. But the plan all along was to eventually have a separate web site just for Mulungwishi.

A big break came recently when Google announced the ability to add "pages" to a Blogger blog in addition to blog postings (articles). So now, this one web site is both a separate web site for the Mulungwishi ministries as well a the news blog for David and Lori. The top horizontal menu links to the information we moved from the Avondale Pattillo UMC site last night.

Please change any bookmarks (favorites) you have to use this web site for D.R. Congo missions at Mulungwishi.

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