Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bookmarks now online

Happy Baby

Mulungwishi prayer cards formatted as bookmarks are now (I can almost hear Lori saying, "Finally!") online. These feature a photo from Mulungwishi, the logo, and a request for prayer.

You can print these and use as bookmarks. If you have a color photo printer, you can open a word processing document, insert a few photos, print, then cut for bookmarks.

Photo paper will give you the best results, as it has a nice glossy coating plus is stiffer than normal paper. The only down-side is that the shiny side of photos don't do well when water or sweaty hands touch them. So some people may prefer to print on thinner paper and then laminate. The choice is yours.

We plan to later post double bookmark photos -- ones designed and sized to print well as a 4"x6" photo. You print that double bookmark, then cut down the middle. Getting the sizes right on those has been tricky, as different printers cut off different amounts of the edges of 4"x6" photos. We'll announce those separately when they are ready.

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