Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Highs and lows

Green, green everywhere. Thousands of different shades and hues brilliant against the blue skies and white billowing clouds. It is good to also feel and smell the rain.

We are still in Lubumbashi after days of car work and now the Leadership Masters Class. We hope to go with tow of the visiting professors of Leadership to Mulungwishi on Thursday.

Guess what! Again the train company let the small transformer blow. So we are without electricity! So pray!


  1. As we in the U.S. struggle with and complain about the economy, we would do well to remember that there are many places in the world still much less fortunate that we are.

    Mulungwishi's continuing electricity challenges sadden me, yet the beauty of God's green earth you enjoy is a reminder that we can all decide to dwell on our problems or rejoice in the beauty of His creation.

    We'll pray for a faster transformer fix this year.

    -- Bruce

  2. How wonderful God we do have! Only in a place like Mulungwishi with the oversight of God, they have educated 15 Seminarians each year under obstaces we Americans would say are unworkable. Yet the Holy Spirit is so strong that the staff does miraculous work as the hands of Christ in these trying times. From these Mulungwishi educated pastors, Africa is being changed one conversion at a time.