Friday, April 13, 2007

Lori sick, Internet access down

We have been back at Mulungwishi a little over a week. David is in Lubumbashi to pick up a work team coming in from New Mexico. Lori stayed in Mulungwishi, as the last few days she has been down with a case of malaria and has not been feeling well. Be praying for her. The Internet is still down at Mulungwishi so we ask your patience since we will not be able to answer you as quickly as we would like. Since David is in Lubumbashi for the next 48 hours, we are able to post this, but he will headed back to Mulungwishi tomorrow. Andrew has just left for Australia. He will be there for 7-8 months. He will be trying to see if he can get a job with the movie industry there. Be praying for him. We are settling in. There is a lot of unpacking to do. We are in full swing with our courses. It feels good to be back with the students. As a last reminder, since the Internet access to Mulungwishi is currently down, we'll be out of contact for about a week.

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  1. The Afri-CAN pamphlet from the UMC Pacific Northwest Conference says that once a person is infected malaria, it can flare up in the future.

    It also says a child dies of malaris every 30 seconds. This is serious stuff.

    We're praying for Lori's recovery and general health.