Thursday, November 16, 2006

Heavy hearts, but thankful too

Dear Friends, First on our hearts and minds is the news of the untimely death of Dr. Samuel Munene on November 5th. We were all devastated. He had just finished conferring the diplomas to late graduates of the Katanga Methodist University at Mulungwishi when he collapsed. He never regained consciousness. The funeral service was held in Likasi (where he had served as a pastor and professor for the Pastor's School) and he was buried at Mulungwishi. Munene was a great friend, wonderful pastor, professor of New Testament studies and the Academic Dean of the University. In short, he was a man of God. We will all miss his great smile and Christian spirit. Be praying for his family and the Mulungwishi community. Results of the long Congolese election have been announced. Joseph Kabila has been declared the winner. Join with us in prayer that all the parties will accept the results and join together to begin to rebuild the country. This message finds us in Atlanta getting part of our physicals. It is good to stop for a few days after itinerating in Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and part of Tennessee. We still have Louisiana, East Texas, and Oklahoma ahead of us before we get back to Denver in the middle of December. All along the way, it has been a blessing to see old friends and meet new ones. We are humbled by the way these churches have partnered with us and the Congolese Church to spread God's Kingdom. We were blessed to have Dr. Kongolo with us for two weeks of the itineration. He had come to the US to participate as one of the Board of Directors of the General Board of Global Ministries meeting in Stamford, CT. His strong witness of Christ in his life and being a product of mission made a strong impression in the churches he shared in. Continue to pray for us as we travel and share the story of Mulungwishi. We also wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your families.

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